Independent Study – My Experience

exam-memes-funny.jpgPhoto Credit.

This independent study was quite possibly the best way to wrap up my undergraduate studies. The thing about independent studies are that they push you to work by yourself, develop your own lesson plan and complete tasks on time with no formal reminders.

The above photo does not describe my experience with this class, because on the contrary I enjoyed it a lot, but it describes my time as an undergrad student. I’ve started to feel, in the last year and a half, that we as students work and work and work without really enjoying ourselves. I’ve taken many classes that I didn’t *want* to take (French class, I’m looking at you) but having this independent study with my Professor, Dr. Clemens, gave me the opportunity to plan my semester on exactly what was of interest to me. And in fact, this class gave me the opportunity to hone in on one particular subject, humor in feminism, and present it at a Women’s and Gender Studies conference.

I can tell you that in my four years of college this is the first time I’ve had the opportunity to present something because of a class and a professor. The class Clemens and I came up with was Feminism on the Internet, which basically consisted of any aspect of feminism on the internet – bullying, racism, humor, etc. What I enjoyed most was being able to dive as deep as I wanted into each topic. There have been times in classes that I’ve wanted to really research, really learn and understand a certain topic, but couldn’t because the class was on such a strict schedule to get everything done. I enjoyed having the opportunity to learn about what was of interest to me (which makes sense considering I’m paying for my education.)

Have you ever taken an independent study? What was your experience?


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